Boar Down Decoy would like to tell you a little about our company and how you can be successful in the field using a hog decoy.​

The company started out using a hog target to see how a wild hog would react to the hog target.  We would place them under the feeders just to see the reaction.  What we found out was that a hog will come in and see the Hog Decoy under the feeder and know that it's safe to come on  in.  A hog can't stand it if they see another hog eating food -- they will come in.  Most of the time a hog will freeze up and not come in because they either see something wrong or they smell something not right.  With the decoy, they just don't care. 

This decoy has been tested and works great in comforting the hogs.  This Hog Decoy has been tested in hog traps.  Randy Kelley with The Hawg Stopper LLC has tested this Hog Decoy, and will back it 100%.  He has trapped several hogs with the decoy in his traps.  There are a few ways to place the Hog Decoy in the traps.  If a hog sees a hog in a trap eating -- Oh, its on.  You have a better chance in trapping with a decoy, and the good news is you don't have to put a whole bag of corn in the trap,  just a small amount in the trap.

I enjoy bow hunting, so I set up the decoy under a feeder to keep them calm, and they stay longer around the decoy.  We also would just leave them out to test them to see how tough they would be and we found that the hogs will attack them, but they are so light they just bounce away from the hog and this keeps them from getting destroyed.  We have placed a decoy in a trap and the hogs did tear it up.

The testing we did with The Hawg Stoppers traps work great​.


You can build a cage around the decoy if you want to keep the hogs from tearing up the decoy.  Go to www.thehawgstopper.com to see how the decoy is set up in the trap.  We have put a lot of hours in testing this Hog Decoy and hope you will enjoy using it in the field. At this time, this is the FIRST AND ONLY 3-D hog decoy on the market today. We also have other merchandise available on the site.


"Make'em Squeal"



So REAL you can

almost hear it SQUEAL